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The way to go scanning on the highest level!

Established for years and built on a more than 90-years heritage on German engineering ingenuity, MWA Nova is a passionate leading manufacturer of versatile film and audio scanning equipment and a unipue and solid partner to film archives and postproduction companies world wide.

With our global experience we constantly develop new digitial Scan Solutions, as today with the next Spinner S 8k  generation launched at the Berlinale in 2019.

Since Mr. Wilhelm Albrecht founded the MWA in 1920th and thanks to his tireless dedication to quality, more than 50% of all MB51 models ever built are still in use today Currently followed by more than 530 of modern MWA Nova multi-format film scanners.

Over 90 year of its‘ existence the name MWA became synonymous for the highest engineering level of quality and technical innovation; a tradition that still continues today.


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Historically valuable film material, dating from the first half of the last century, is prone to decay. A non‐contact magneto‐optical method according to Faraday was used by MWA’s development partner 5micron GmbH to directly read the magnetization in the tape …

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spinner S – up 8k

Pioneering Concept Scanner-Technology
The way to go scanning on the highest level
No Sprocket – No Capstan – No Limits

With the new Spinner S, MWA Nova has successfully established another technology-advancing film scanner, to accompany the flashscanHD, Choice and Vario models.

This enables users to more safely digitize the shrunken, warped or damaged older analogue motion picture material found in today’s archives or presented by private customers.

Highly flammable nitrate, warped and shrunken film benefits from Spinner S’s simpler film path. The new MWA Spinner S scanner achieves a gentle, minimum film tension of 20 grams (0.2 Newton). The newly developed, sprocketless and capstanless film transport, has a few large rollers, only one tension arm and normal-use gates designed to makes digitizing difficult film easier and less expensive.

flashtransfer vario

High Resolution Film Transfer System for 16 and 35 mm

The flashtransfer vario combines several characteristics which have been developed to meet all the requirements in a film archive or postproduction environment. It is practically possible to use any picture sensor to get resolutions up to 4K or higher. With the build in LSD (Laser shrinkage detector) the system can transfer dynamically shrunken material (up to 4%) without any problems while it collects different types of meta data (XML file) like condition of perforation, splices, shrinkage etc. The continuous capstan film transport with ist large guide rollers and the possibility to use large film reels up to 4000 ft reduces the risk of damaging the film material during the transfer process to a minimum. The optimized laser technology provides you excellent picture stability even with highly damaged material.

flashscan Nova

Well established in the market, since we launched this „small Scanner“ at ibc 2018.

Based on the same reliable powerfull high-end technology of the successful Spinner, we have supplemented our scanner range with the cost-effective flashscan Nova.

The flashscan Nova is available with the new MWA “Easy Wet Gate” for 8mm / S8 – 9.5mm -16mm / S16.

All models are equipped with 2.5k / 5MP or 4k / 12MP Sony CMOS color or monochrome sensors.

The flashscan Nova provides a sprocket and capstanless, continuous motion transport down to 0.2 Newton, at any film geometry definable with unlimited shrinkage.






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