flashscan HD
small gauge film transfer system
for 8, Super8 and 9.5 mm
flashtransfer vario
high resolution film transfer system
for 16 and 35 mm
flashscan fullHD
small gauge film transfer system
for 8, Super8 and 9.5 mm
flashtransfer choice option 35 mm
multi format film transfer system
flashtransfer choice
multi format film transfer system
for 8, Super8, 9,5 and 16mm
flashtransfer choice B
film transfer system
version for broadcast archives
flashtransfer vario
4 wet gate option
dust and scratch removal
winding table
viewing table
Digital Video Systems
HS-Art Diamant
Film Restoration Software
Innovative Pixel • Final DCP
Innovative Pixel • Final DVP Player
mamory Media Asset
Management System
management system for digital media
High speed film recorder for 35 mm
multispectral document scanner
Highly productive and professional slide scanner
optical sound laser film recorder
MB51 - spares and accessories
multi format magnetic film recorder / player
flashtransfer choice tön
multi format film sound reproducer
L. S. D.
Laser Shrinkage Detector
Dolby CA2011
adapter for optical sound cameras

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