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multi format film scanner and diagnostic winding table
Product sheet:
MWA Nova
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Software flashSuite 2
• Image preview / post-processing preview
• Film optimized image processing
• Mirroring
• Primary color correction (Black / Gamma / Light)
• Negative / black & white
• Saturation
• Sharpening filter
• Anamorphic correction
• Cropping, masking, resizing
• Automatic sensor calibration
• SDI image output (SD, HD, 2K)
• Luminance and RGB histogram
• Waveform monitor and vector scope with line selector
• Focus finder / autofocus
• Audio equalizer and routing
• Support for AVID® Artist Color control surface
• Multi format film scanner and diagnostic winding table
• Sprocketless and capstanless motion transport with
RGB LED flash technology
• Unlimited shrinkage, any film geometry definable
• Large rollers for reduced stress on splices, brittle film
• MWA laser registration 2.0 - two lasers and motorized track selection
• Strong air-stream at gate prevents dust particles on the light source
• Robust and simplified design with only one linear tension roller.
• Stable transport with super low tension down to 20 grams (0.2 Newton)
• Lighttable option for viewing film by eye and loupe
• Ergonomic working position
• Usable horizontal and vertical
• Electric height adjustment

Optical features:
• Full camera resolution usable for the picture
(no picture pixel wasted for sound or sync)
• Motorized zoom, focus and panning position
• Full zoom range from 35 mm edge to edge down to standard 8 mm
accessible via mouse click - no lens change necessary
• Image sensor options for more than realtime speed   and HDR
• 2.3k 2.5k 2.5k HDR 5.1k up to 16 Bit

Sound features:
• Ultra low sound jitter through velocity-adaptive sample-rate
• Dedicated sound heads for optical and magnetic sound
(no extraction from the picture!)
• Standalone operation as a sound producer, no computer needed.
• Two moviedesks synchronizable for sepmag (two Strip) transfer
biphase (master or slave) syn to other scanners/telecines

flashsuite 2 features:
New: Metadata protocol with scanning parameters, perf condition
and user actions.
• Scene detection
• Timeline programmed operation                                  
For a complete software list see flashSuite 2 data sheet

Film Transfer & Inspection
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