flashtransfer vario
High resolution film transfer system for 16 and 35 mm
Product sheet:
The flashtransfer “vario” combines several characteristics which have been developed to meet all the requirements in a film archive or postproduction environment. It is practically possible to use any picture sensor to get resolutions up to 4K or higher. With the build in “LSD” (Laser shrinkage detector) the system can transfer dynamically shrunken material (up to 4%) without any problems while it collects different types of meta data (XML file) like condition of perforation, splices, shrinkage etc. The continuous capstan film transport with it's large guide rollers and the possibility to use large film reels up to 4000 ft reduces the risk of damaging the film material during the transfer process to a minimum. The optimized laser technology provides you excellent picture stability even with highly damaged material.
• Available sensors: HD 1920 x 1080, 2.3k, 2.5k HDR, 5.1k
• Continuous motion capstan drive system
• 8/S8/9,5/16/S16/35 mm continuous film-drive
• 1200 m / 4000 ft reel capacity!
• Mapping of damaged perforations (Metadata output)
• Laser optimized picture stabilization and shrinkage
   compensation for picture and sound (Metadata output)
• Switchable 3-perf / 4-perf mode
• Various film transfer speeds up to 25 fps
• Variable shuttle speed with steady image (5 - 800 fps)
• RGB LED Light source also suitable for Nitrate material
• Optical sound readers 35 mm and 16 mm
• Magnetic sound readers for 35 mm and 16 mm
• 9-pin RS422- slave device machine control
• Tri-level sync
• Film cleaning roller unit with four PTR's available

• Optical zoom, focus & pan position
Software flashsuite 2
• Image preview / post-processing preview
• Film optimized image processing
• Mirroring
• Primary color correction (Black / Gamma / Light)
• Negative / black & white
• Saturation
• Sharpening filter
• Anamorphic correction
• Cropping, masking, resizing
• Automatic sensor calibration
• SDI image output (SD, HD, 2K)
• Luminance and RGB histogram
• Waveform monitor and vector scope with line selector
• Focus finder / autofocus
• Audio equalizer and routing
• Support for AVID® Artist Color control surface
• Compressed and uncompressed file formats:

• 10/12/16 bit LOG/LIN DPX
• ProRes 422 HQ
• 16 bit TIFF
• ProRes 4444 HQ
• Motion-JPEG
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