Historically valuable film material, dating from the first half of the last century, is prone to decay. A non‐contact magneto‐optical method according to Faraday was used by MWA’s development partner 5micron GmbH to directly read the magnetization in the tape as an imaging of the magnetic signature (patent pending). For this purpose MWA has developed a special winding table which integrates the revolutionary sensor system and enables the evaluation of the analogue waveform over the entire length of the tape. The sensor system will be integrated into existing film copying tables or future digitization or restoration systems. All main octaves (six main octaves corresponding to 125 Hz to 8000 Hz) can be captured, mapped, corrected, and reproduced.

Niedersächsischer Archivtag 2019

Der 4. Niedersächsische Archivtag wird am 29. und 30. April 2019 stattfinden.

Veranstaltungsort wird in diesem Jahr die Paulinerkirche in Göttingen (Papendiek 14) sein.

Das diesjährige Thema lautet “Neue Köpfe, neue Themen – Herausforderungen für Archive im 21. Jahrhundert”.

Mehr Information finden Sie auf der Webseite des niedersächsischen Archivtages:

FIAF 2019

Dear friends and partners of MWA.

In corporation with our partner Cinegrell, we are happy to announce that we could demonstrate the MWA Spinner S with the attached  inpsection unit V-Black by 5micron and the Filmquadriga by Cube Tec Int..

Have we sparked your interest in ….?

Come and see us at FIAF 2019 in Lausanne.