multi format magnetic film recorder / player
Product sheet:
The MWA MB51 has deservedly earned itself a reputation worldwide due to it's' extremely high build quality, performance, reliability and longevity. These facts make it an ideal choice for facilities where the processing, replay, preservation and transfer of Archive (also damaged) Magnetic material is undertaken, or where quality control of Analogue/Digital Optical soundtracks is necessary.
The MB51 is supplied in the following formats:
24 & 25 Frames
48 & 96 Frames
750 Frames synchronous speed for 16mm
300 Frames synchronous speed for 17.5 & 35mm MB51
Short acceleration times
Simple film lacing
Gentle film treatment insensitive to splices
Low wow and flutter levels
Sync to Pilottone or Bi-phase
Easy coupling to Audio, Video or Film machines
Extremely low maintenance
Dolby CA2011
adapter for optical sound cameras

Model CA201 provides a means to produce Dolby Digital sound negatives from a previously mastered source.

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