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DIAMANT-Film Suite

HS-ART’s first line business is the professional digital film and video restoration solution DIAMANT-FILM, dedicated to the needs post-production companies, film labs and archives. DIAMANT-FILM is the leading restoration solution in the market. Today, there are more than 350 customers worldwide using the software based system on far more than 1,000 seats. Today DIAMANT-FILM, with its latest version is a worldwide leading restoration specific software. Our clients are on all 5 continents, starting with major Hollywood studios, but also many national archives, service providers, content owners and universities. Large-scale restoration on typical archive material in various resolutions up to 8k is daily proven by hundreds of operators. Our largest customers offer high quality restoration services with several hundred seats very successfully, since many years. The DIAMANT-FILM-Suite supports the complete workflow in the digital film restoration chain and includes QC, Annotation (Comments), workflow and efficient restoration implementation.
The DIAMANT-Film product family includes:

• DIAMANT-Film Suite

Full featured digital film restoration software for dual processor workstation on Windows 7/10. Personalised software package including interactive and automatic tools for dust-busting, scratch removal, noise management, de-graining, de-flickering, image stabilisation, de-warping, re-graining, color registration and many more (~30 filters) . Includes also MovieManager for project management, multiple generations, proxy support and project sharing between several stations, advanced import/export features.

• DustBuster+

Semi-automatic dust busting tool for Windows 7/10 and Mac OS-X including some automatic filters and functions for efficient dust-busting and image repair. The tool provides one operator with an optimised environment for immediate repair and fixes.


Semi-automatic retouching tool for Windows 7/10 and Mac OS-X. The tool provides one operator with a convenient and efficient interactive environment for cloning, dust-busting and frame repair. User-configurable ANNOTATION function including generation of ANNTOATION-reports is included.

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