MWA Nova Tutorials

Today we like to announce the release of the first MWA Nova tutorial!  To support your creative work and the daily use of the MWA Nova film scanners  we will release additional tutorials during the next weeks. To be discovered under the download button. 



Spinner V Multi Format Viewing Table

  • MWA 4k sensor technology powered by Sony
  • Multi format from 8mm up to 35mm
  • Sprocket less & capstan less
  • Precisely adjustable tension 0.2 up to 6 N
  • Precisely adjustable acceleration & decelaration
  • White LED light source, software color correction
  • Strobe light
  • Motor driven aperture, zoom and focus
  • Equiped with lightweigt but state of the art PC technology
  • Modified flashsuite2
  • Sound heads for all formats available
  • Jog/Shuttle and Touch Panel operation
  • Large rollers for better film safety
  • Capturing in 4K, 8 Bit, h.264 compressed