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The restoration of film and tape-based content is a balance of quality versus return on investment (ROI), whether delivering media for DVD/Blu-ray, HDTV, Digital Cinema, or simply archiving. The Phoenix range of products with the inclusion of awarding winning DVO image processing software tools mean you never have to compromise on image quality. With automated and semi-automated file-based restoration features for greater operator efficiency, the only decision is which product provides the right level of functionality for the task in hand. From simple ‘dust busting’ and image fixing, to complete repurposing and re-mastering up to 4k, the Phoenix range of solutions deliver pristine image quality suited to your budget. View show reel

The Phoenix product family includes:

Phoenix Finish - the complete restoration, repurposing and re-mastering production solution, focused on getting the best from your archive.

Phoenix Refine -  the best offer in image restoration and enhancement tools to transform media ready for mastering.

Phoenix Touch - the entry-level system that combines dust busting and image repair tools for intensive automated and manual image clean up and retouch tasks.
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Digital Vision • Phoenix
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